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In a world that has been recently swept with natural disasters, a pandemic, and who knows what else, we are left wondering what our time on Earth is about?

Here is a saviour, a sinner, a SPIRITUAL BANANA to find out.

Dusting off the ashes of her Saturn return, Banana Jolie (Confessions of an Aerobics Instructor, Putting the G'Day in Cabaret, Australia's Got Talent Finalist) is back, and this time she is getting existential.

SPIRITUAL BANANA is a breakdance breakdown with original beats, physical comedy and whimsical witticisms.

 With numbers such as “Bogan Yoga,” “Doubtful Yuppies” and “Eat, Sleep, Pray, Repeat” this is the perfect show for anyone who likes their spirituality served sunny side up.

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"A wild, energetic, extroverted ball of fire"

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