Witness the Fitness.

I did my first aerobics class with my mum in the church hall on the school holidays. From those humble beginnings, I now love being able to share aerobic exercise and group exercise programs face to face, and online.

What is different about my classes compared to the usual "shape up in 6 weeks or less" B.S the diet industry has sold us is, my classes ooze my personality and genuine love for jumping around to music. They are uplifting, about how you feel, not how you look, and genuinely goofy. 

I teach the following for all bodies and fitness levels, online, in studios and at large scale festivals and events: 

- Fun fit cheesy aerobics classes with playlists that include 80s power ballards and hip-hop bangers

- Hip-hop aerobics

- Follow-along dance classes Zumba style, but more of a mixtape of music and dance genres (latin, hiphop, swing, rock n roll, contemporary dance) 

- Team/company - building dance sessions to break up the day of online work. 

- BANANA BOOGIE: taught by Banana Jolie, a dance mixtape workshop where if participants don't like the song they can yell "Change it!" and is known for iconic moves such as "follow your dreams", "titties in the wind", "salsa, avocado, hummus", and "take your fears and throw them into the sky".