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Let's Talk About Peelings....

"I, Banana Jolie, singer, dancer, actor, magician, yoga teacher, pirate, and celebrity chef, aim to cook you a meal to help you digest reality" 


A comedy cabaret diva, Banana Jolie

A deadpan sous chef, Auber Jean.

A cooking show about emotions. Outdoors, with lots of mess.


Suitable for all ages, "Let's Talk about Peelings" is high energy, interactive, messy  (food flies!) and witty.

Featuring a million puns, original songs such as "Emotional Alphabet" and "Humans are Soup" and interactive dances "Modern Masculinity", it is a show that is hearty and helps take stock of what it means to express, emote and be entertained.

Show duration: 35-45 minutes. Can be performed outdoors in the round (street style) or in a theatre. 

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