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Joana taught for us for our ‘Create the Bay’ dance intensive workshops. She was a energetic, reliable, relatable, easy to work with and brought something so new and fresh to the studios. Teaching ages 7-17 though varying levels and all the students loved her classes and we received nothing but positive feedback! Joana has such extensive knowledge and expertise across so many areas, we will 100% be looking forward to the next time we get to work with Joana and we would highly recommend her!

Kelsey Andrew- Owner KJ Studios, Tauranga

"Joana’s impeccable work ethic and impressive range as a performer/creator makes her a dream to work with. Joana brings a great sense of joy to working hard on a project, collaborative and responsive to new directions when they arise. Her choreographic style draws upon urban & jazz genres with a fun performative twist. Joana’s approachable teaching style makes her a dream for working with beginner performers, kids & teens of all ages and professionals alike, a great asset to any project!"

- Elizabeth Dawson Smith, Producer/ Creator - Miss Friby.


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